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eC-test-mate ist ein tragbares Test-System zum funktionalen Testen bestückter Leiterplatten, ohne die Notwendigkeit aufwändiger Test-Adapter. Integrieren Sie einfach die eC-test-mate Footprints in Ihr Leiterplatten-Layout, schreiben Sie Ihr Test-Programm, platzieren Sie den eC-test-mate Test-Kopf auf Ihrer Platine und führen Sie den Test aus. Keine Steckverbindungen, keine Test-Aufbauten, nur einfache Kontaktflächen. eC-test-mate ist eine preiswerte Lösung zum Testen kleiner Serien bestückter Leiterplatten.


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1x eC-test-mate (included : 1x docking station, 1x USB cable, 3x test head, 1x power suppy for docking, eC-my-test software) Sold seperatly : starter kit

Test your populated PCB without tooling

eC-test-mate is a handheld test system for functional testing of assembled PCBs without the need for complex tooling. Simply integrate eC-test-mate footprints into your PCB-layout, write your test programs, place the eC-test-mate test head(s) on your board and run the tests. No connectors, no test jigs, just easy footprints. eC-test-mate is a cost-effective solution for testing small series of assembled PCBs.

The eC-test-mate approach

eC-test-mate features a choice of 3 hand-held test heads with integrated hardware. Each test head contains 21 test pins which link directly to the PCB. One push on the test head button locks it onto the PCB. Now run your tests. Press the button a second time to release the PCB. The test head is now ready for the next board. The eC-my-test testing software runs on your PC, connected via a USB port to the eC-test-mate

Choose the right test probe(s) for your design

The eC-test-mate has 3 different ergonomic test heads, each with different functionality. T1 is used for generic applications. T2 to test communication interfaces and T3 to provide additional measurement functions when required for either application. Depending on your circuit design and your test requirements you can combine these to create a complete suite of functional tests. Each test head has a unique keying pin, so it can only lock into its own footprint.
eC-test-mate docking station

A dedicated docking station holds the 3 test heads. It is the fourth smart device of the eC-test-mate. The docking station guarantees an insulated connection between your PC and the test heads and it supports the heads with no less than 25W of power. It also performs a quick self-test of each test head.
eC-my-test – the easiest software to make test scripts

The eC-test-mate is complemented by the eC-my-test software. This is based on a powerful scripting language with standard test commands such as setting and reading analog and digital in- and outputs and power supply control Industry standard communication interfaces such as UARTs, CAN, RS-485 and I2C systems are supported as well.

Starter Kit – getting started the easy way!

Get your eC-test-mate up and running in 30 minutes. Use our Starter Kit which consists of a populated demo PCB and corresponding test scripts. Jump into the world of testing the easy way!

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